Sunlight and Shadows: Josefina Book 1 – SVI5650


Brand: American Girl

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A storm and flash flood hit the ranch hard, and many animals are lost. But Josefina and her sisters are determined to save the family business. Their aunt, Tía Dolores, wants to try some bold new ideas. Josefina likes learning to weave and play the piano, but she’s not so sure about learning to read and write. She’s afraid all these changes could make her forget Mamá. Unexpectedly, Mamá herself gives Josefina the answer. By facing the changes, can Josefina find her courage—and discover the truth about love? The first book in Josefina’s stories is richly illustrated in full color and includes a “Looking Back” historical section about Josefina’s world in 1824. 128 pages. Paperback. Author: Valerie Tripp.


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