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Brand: American Girl

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Best Sellers | Second Chances: Josefina Book 2 DQV4296
When Josefina wants to rescue a newborn goat that needs help, Papá has doubts. But after a rattlesnake threatens the baby goat, Josefina discovers her healing skills—and her courage. She gets another chance to prove her bravery in a daring midnight journey to learn the truth about a man who may have stolen from her family. Then the worst happens: Josefina’s beloved aunt, Tía Dolores, announces she is leaving. How can Josefina get Papá to ask Tía Dolores the one question that might change her mind? The second book in Josefina’s stories is richly illustrated in full color and includes a “Looking Back” historical section about Josefina’s world in 1824. 128 pages. Paperback. Author: Valerie Tripp.


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