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Brand: American Girl

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Best Sellers | Josefina Montoya™ Doll, Book & Accessories YSX7781
Gentle Josefina Montoya™ has warm brown eyes that open and close, golden hoop earrings, and long, shiny mahogany-colored hair. She comes in an authentic 1824 outfit:

  • A white camisa edged with lace
  • A colorful print skirt
  • A blue woven belt
  • White drawers
  • Faux-leather moccasins
  • A little pretend sprig of yellow primroses tied with a blue ribbon in her hair
  • The 18″ Josefina doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Includes the paperback book Sunlight and Shadows. This first book in Josefina’s stories is richly illustrated in full color.

This set also features Josefina’s Accessories:

  • A long, fringed rebozo, or wrap, to shade her face from the sun when it’s hot or drape over her shoulders when it gets chilly
  • A faux-garnet pendant brought to her all the way from Mexico City
  • A faux-leather pouch with working button closure
  • An embroidered hankie
  • A reproduction metal jola (HO-lah) coin

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