Gwynn Tan™ Doll & Accessories – NIW9836


Brand: American Girl

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Dolls Dolls Girl of the Year | Gwynn Tan™ Doll & Accessories NIW9836
Gwynn is Corinne’s 7-year-old little sister. She loves ice skating, and she’s always ready to hit the rink or join in Corinne’s adventures. This set features:

Gwynn™ Doll: The 14.5″ Gwynn™ doll has brown eyes and long, braided black hair with bangs. Gwynn arrives wearing a purple knit sweater, a faux-fur skirt, white leggings, underwear, and purple boots with faux-fur trim.

Gwynn’s™ Accessories: A faux-fur beret, knit mittens with furry trim, and a sequined backpack

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