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Best Sellers | Earth Lover Basket ZOO7142
Your reader will love a fresh stack of activities and advice to enjoy! Featuring everything from tips for an earth-friendly life and stories about animal care to fun quizzes and journaling prompts, this set includes:

Love the Earth Book: This book is packed with ideas and information for girls who care about the earth to help them understand climate change, speak up for solutions, and live an earth-friendly life. It’s full of quizzes, crafts, party ideas, and a science experiment. 88 pages. Paperback.

Pets: Getting Them, Caring for Them, and Loving Them Book: This book is for the animal lover in your life, whether she already has a pet or she’s trying to convince her family she’s ready for the responsibility. It’s filled with quizzes, advice, and stories. 96 pages. Paperback.

This or That or That? Quiz Book: Inside this book, she’ll find over 600 hilarious, thoughtful, and fascinating choices to help her discover all kinds of things about herself, her life, and the important people surrounding her. 80 pages. Spiral bound.

Love to Travel Journal for Girls: She can document all the details of her journeys in this spiral-bound travel journal. It has an elastic closure, a pocket to hold souvenirs, and stickers.

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