Courtney’s™?Cardigan & Leggings Outfit Bundle – FRQ6875


Brand: American Girl

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Clothing Courtney | Courtney’s™?Cardigan & Leggings Outfit Bundle FRQ6875
The ’80s were all about the layered look, and Courtney loves to mix and match colorful clothing. This set includes:

Courtney’s™ Cardigan for 18-inch Dolls: A hot pink and purple knit cardigan that has pockets on the front, multicolored buttons, and a fun knit-in graphic

Courtney’s™ T-Shirt & Tank Set for 18-inch Dolls: A green tank top and an oversized white graphic tee

Courtney’s™ Leggings Set for 18-inch Dolls: Blue full-length leggings and three-quarter-length lace footless tights

Courtney’s™ Fashion Accessories for 18-inch Dolls: Pink star and green triangle-shaped drop earrings, a neon green hair tie, a pink lace headband with a big bow, and a pair of purple lace fingerless gloves

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