Courtney’s™ Cardigan & Leggings Outfit for 18-inch Dolls – FYM1513


Brand: American Girl

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Clothing Courtney | Courtney’s™ Cardigan & Leggings Outfit for 18-inch Dolls FYM1513
Courtney’s™ T-Shirt & Tank Set for 18-inch Dolls: A green tank top and a white tee

Courtney’s™ Cardigan for 18-inch Dolls: A hot pink and purple knit cardigan

Courtney’s™ Leggings Set for 18-inch Dolls: A pair of blue full-length leggings and a pair of three-quarter-length purple footless tights

Courtney’s™ High-Top Sneakers for 18-inch Dolls: White high-top sneakers with hot pink laces and accents on the toes, plus straps at the ankles

Courtney’s™ Caboodles® & Hair Accessories Kit: A pink-and-teal Caboodles® beauty case with storage trays that slide out to hold hair accessories and pretend makeup

Courtney’s™ Belt Bag & Watch for 18-inch Dolls: A black belt bag with neon graphics and a zippered pocket, plus a pretend watch with a pink strap

Courtney’s™ Fashion Accessories for 18-inch Dolls: Courtney has a great sense of style and she gives every outfit an extra layer of awesome with these totally ’80s accessories, including:

  • A set with both pink and green earring posts that can hold either pink star or green triangle-shaped drop earrings that Courtney might have picked out when she got her ears pierced at the Radiance Salon at the mall
  • A neon green hair tie she can wear so she doesn’t have to borrow one from her stepsister, Tina
  • A pink lace headband with a big bow and elastic at the back
  • A pair of purple lace fingerless gloves just like one of her favorite singers wears

Courtney Doll does not have pierced ears. Ear piercing is available at the time of purchase or at the Doll Hospital.

  • Caboodles® is Registered Trademark of Plano Molding Company.
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