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Courtney loves music, especially since she can watch her favorite singers’ music videos on TV. Since she and her stepsister, Tina, don’t always want to listen to the same thing, Courtney’s glad she has a cassette player with headphones. Includes:

  • A pretend personal cassette player with fun ’80s graphics that opens to insert a tape
  • A pair of colorful headphones that plug into the cassette player so she can listen to tunes—and tune out her stepsister, Tina
  • A cassette tape that will really play original songs when inserted into the boombox that comes with Courtney’s™ Sleepover Accessory Set
  • A case to store her favorite mix tape her friend Sarah made for her
  • Four different colored plastic bangle bracelets she can stack on her wrist
  • A tube of pretend Lip Smacker® lip balm on a cord to wear around her neck
  • A plastic button that says “Maureen for Mayor” to show her support for her mom

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